Celebrating Cinema in Los Angeles: Film Festivals Galore

HELLO MAY! Film Festival season is certainly going strong and we are happy to add a new feature to the site! Our Screenings Calendar will still focus on the special screenings in LA outside of film festivals, but we will be updating links to websites of as many Film Festivals we can find out about in […]


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“I dream of you.”

We’ve been extremely anxious to show you images from Ama Lea‘s RED RED, and now a trailer is here! Jade, Andrea Albin (Fatality Films) & Joanna Shirley (ADA Management) had big parts in getting Ama’s beautiful vision come to life in her hometown of Bucksport, Maine. Jade and Diego Madrigal (Director of Photography) drove across […]

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iPads at ArcLight for THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: The Beginning of Second Screens vs. The Silver Screens

It’s not very surprising that ArcLight Cinemas has decided to team up with SeeItFirst to host an event series called “Second Screen Live!” Sherman Oaks and Pasadena, you have a chance to witness the general public playing with their iPADS WHILE THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is playing! Seats are limited, so act now! Are you fucking kidding […]

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Hello, Wonderful Friends!

THANK YOU for checkin’ us out. We shall explain a coupla things. Jade LOVES movies. Fucking LOVES. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. One night, Jade had a dream to open a 24 hour movie theatre. Feasible? Perhaps. Too porn-y? Perhaps. Realistically, she aimed to visit all the incredible theatres around LA that […]

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Movies in LA: 2011

What a crazy year it has been. Take a look at the… Posters that incredible artists & friends contributed to our Retrospectives from March – October 2011. The films we watched for 2011. Our First Run Picks for 2011. The films we picked (Our Picks of the Day) which played at incredible places & theatres […]

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Merry New Year, Film Lovers!

‘Merry New Year’ is something that has always stuck with me since the moment I seen TRADING PLACES. I’ve been using it ever since. Come to think of it, there’s a great Christmas movie nobody really thinks about. Aykroyd as wasted, stealing, Santie Clause? You don’t remember him eating that bread he stole, then eating […]

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Happy Thanksgiving, Film Geeks!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Any film geeks out there have movie traditions on this day or leading up to it? PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES is always one that I throw on. In recent years it’s been CADDYSHACK in the afternoon, followed by PLANES after dinner. Yeah, that’s we’re I’m at. Family traditions?! Nope. Film traditions. This also means […]

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