Merry New Year, Film Lovers!

‘Merry New Year’ is something that has always stuck with me since the moment I seen TRADING PLACES. I’ve been using it ever since. Come to think of it, there’s a great Christmas movie nobody really thinks about. Aykroyd as wasted, stealing, Santie Clause? You don’t remember him eating that bread he stole, then eating it on the bus through that disgusting Santa beard? Classic. Vivid. Then he tried to kill himself.

Probably not a film for a young lad as I was back in the mid 80’s but I got to walk to a video store everyday and get whatever I wanted. Simple Ohio.

20 plus years later… not too much has changed but my location, Los Angeles, California. It seemed like the only destination for an obsessed film nerd like me. It also seems that there are others that had the same feeling and have migrated here as well. 8 years later, here I still am, and I’m not leaving. That’s a big choice, a big decision, but when it’s the only place you feel comfortable, embrace it.

What I’m saying is, we LOVE you Los Angeles, and all of the passionate film hearts inside of you! This is the best place to be in America for the love of cinema, film and repertory programming!

Thank you New Beverly Cinema.
Thank you American Cinematheque.
Thank you Niche.LA.
Thank you KCRW.
Thank you Los Angeles Public Libraries.
Thank you to The Academy.
Thank you Alex Theatre.
Thank You ArcLight Cinemas.
Thank you Art Theatre of Long Beach.
Thank you Bay Theatre.
Thank you Bigfoot Crest.
Thank you BleedFest.
Thank you Cinefamily.
Thank you Cinespia.
Thank you Devil’s Night Drive-In.
Thank you Downtown Independent.
Thank you Echo Park Film Center.
Thank you El Capitan.
Thank you Filmforum.
Thank you Goethe-Institut.
Thank you Hammer Museum.
Thank you HM 157.
Thank you Hollywood Heritage.
Thank you Horrible Movie Night.
Thank you to The J. Paul Getty Museum.
Thank you Japanese American National Museum.
Thank you Korean Cultural Center.
Thank you Laemmle Theatres.
Thank you LACMA.
Thank you Lomography.
Thank you Long Beach Cinematheque.
Thank you Mary Pickford Institute.
Thank you Million Dollar Theater.
Thank you Nuart Theatre.
Thank you Old Bank DVD.
Thank you Old Town Music Hall.
Thank you Outdoor Cinema Food Fest.
Thank you Pacific Asia Museum.
Thank you Pacific Vineland Drive-In.
Thank you Roy and Edna Disney and CalArts Theater.
Thank you Reel Grit.
Thank you Regency Theatres.
Thank you Skirball Cultural Center.
Thank you Kevin Smith & Smodcastle.
Thank you Space 15 Twenty.
Thank you Stephen Farber.
Thank you UCLA.
Thank you USC.
Thank you to Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.
Thank you Valley Cultural Center.
Thank you Vidiots.
Thank you Vista Theatre.
Thank you Warner Grand Theatre.

Thank you Los Angeles! it’s been a GREAT year for cinema!

Enjoy your holidays everyone, and of course… THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Speaking of support: We’re still trying to get to 10,000 signatures by the New Year! Join our favorite Julia Marchese in her FIGHT FOR 35MM! We highly urge you all to sign it. Digital does not rule all, we need film just like we need water. If that wasn’t true then Martin Scorsese wouldn’t be the head of film preservation.

Don’t forget to sign the petition and of course, have a Merry New Year!


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