“I dream of you.”


We’ve been extremely anxious to show you images from Ama Lea‘s RED RED, and now a trailer is here!

Jade, Andrea Albin (Fatality Films) & Joanna Shirley (ADA Management) had big parts in getting Ama’s beautiful vision come to life in her hometown of Bucksport, Maine. Jade and Diego Madrigal (Director of Photography) drove across the country to deliver this giallo with an incredible team who worked their asses off.

Thank you to every single soul who gave us a week (and more) of their lives for this wonderful experience. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the world that Ama has created.

Dream in RED RED…


After a highly publicized fundraising campaign and late summer shooting schedule, director Ama Lea and her team, including producer Jade Luber of Movies in LA, have finalized the trailer for the soon-to-be released short, RED RED.

RED RED is a sexually charged thriller that follows a young woman named Julia as she begins her journey into sexual exploration while trying to repress dark nightmares seemingly from her childhood.

Somewhere in this dark fairy tale her nightmares come to life and her lovers are being stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant in bloody, unfathomable ways.

The film is mirrored after the giallo-style films of directors such as Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava. The short is a second endeavor for the director, who is widely known for THE BLOODY BEST PROJECT, a pictorial representation of the horror genre.

Fatality Films, alongside Movies in LA, is pleased to present the film under their banner, which is in pre-production on several features and projects with producers Scott Spiegel and Andrea Albin at the helm.


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