Hello, Wonderful Friends!

THANK YOU for checkin’ us out.

We shall explain a coupla things.

Jade LOVES movies. Fucking LOVES. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

One night, Jade had a dream to open a 24 hour movie theatre. Feasible? Perhaps. Too porn-y? Perhaps.

Realistically, she aimed to visit all the incredible theatres around LA that showcased her first love, Film.

In 2010, through 2011, Movies in LA was started, and since then, we have been picking and highlighting amazing film screenings around LA. There are so many incredible events ALL THE TIME, we haven’t even been to all of the theatres!

You can assume that every “Pick of the Day” / “POTD” / “#POTD” are films we would theoretically, hopefully be attending. Sometimes it’s like picking children, but luckily, everyone is truly equally amazing.

There are a few sections above. Your clicking on ‘About‘ probably means you were kinda curious about what we do, so welcome, and THANK YOU!

Your support keeps us going! Seriously, we love you. As long as you keep coming back, we’ll stay updated. We are film lovers, too!

Jade just wants to make and watch movies forever. Forever, and ever, and ever. She feels better about movies than she does about humanity. No matter how bad films are, usually, there’s a little heart in ALL of ’em.


This is our master calendar of happenings in Los Angeles. That is, cinematic happenings; celluloid (most of the time; read here via the incredible Julia Marchese) projecting onto people’s gleeful, horrified, excited, aroused, bored, happy, fucking fantastic faces every day.

Movie Tally is our movie tally inspired by Schofizzy’s TallyTeers.

Next year, Jade dreams to travel the world to as many cinemas as she possibly can. More details will unfold as 2012 carries on.

Word contains posts & videos from various contributors and posts about Movies in LA. We must highlight the first video interview we did with the fantastic David Robert Mitchell, including his Favorite Films & Filmmakers. The lovely Amanda Bauer also answered a few of our questions.

This is Movies in LA. We are so grateful for all of the films that screen in LA every day, most of the time with the people that actually made or are in the films gracing the theatres we love so deeply.

Now that a lot of theatres are closing, converting to digital, 35mm is rarely being produced, attendance is down, the economy sucks… people don’t realize that our art culture is still thriving and so fucking beautiful and exciting.

We hope that you join us in celebrating and experiencing Movies in Los Angeles.

❤ Jade


2 thoughts on “Hello, Wonderful Friends!

  1. You’re the bees knees and the cats pajamas you swell, swell folks. I will be waiting for that 24 hour theater. The reclusive night owl loners like me will appreciate it heaps!

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