Review: “North By Northwest”

By Patrick S.

Last week I attended a free screening of North by Northwest at the Bing Center at LACMA. This is one of my favorite films by Alfred Hitchcock because it has everything you could want in a thriller: an amazing score, developed plot, and stellar cast.

The score really revolves around one particular theme. Throughout the movie, it is constantly rearranged according to the scene. Especially during the thematic scenes, the score is sped up to accelerate and compliment the intensity of the situation. You’ll notice this especially during the chase scenes, as well as, the unforgettable segment in which Cary Grant is being chased by an airplane in a cornfield.

And so the score accompanies what is a well-crafted and suspenseful plot. The story is so well paced and written that you tend to want more. The film is really a survivor story about an average man, who gets swept away into a plot of murder and chase that you are left wondering, along with Grant, what is to happen next.

Oh, and let’s not forget Grant’s performance.

I swear, nothing can trump Cary Grant’s swag. He is so debonair and gentleman-like that today, no one really compares. Guys nowadays should take a lesson or two from a Cary Grant film because frankly, it is needed. The way he cares for himself, let alone interacts with a woman, is so slick that he would put other men to shame.



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