Greetings, Fellow Film Geeks…


Here we gather and connect through the beautiful medium that is Cinema. We want to inform all of the World about the simultaneous and fantastic movie screenings that happen daily.

I’ll never forget the day I discovered The Cinefamily or seen my first double at Sid Grauman’s Egyptian. We all pile into the multiplexes because they advertise and we all know when new films are coming out. What about the classics or little-known indies?

If you live in Los Angeles and are a flat out film nerd, you are no stranger to the New Beverly, Downtown Independent or The Academy, but for those of you out there that are unfamiliar and even those of you familiar: Here is your Community for Los Angeles!

We’ve searched through all of these websites and most of them are a mess and people get easily confused. We utilize our Twitter as much as we can.

Every day we tweet about screenings and events. Make sure you check out our Facebook, as well, because we’ll have giveaways, announcements, and other good stuff there! You can also head over to our Screenings & Birthdays Google Calendar which lists all events and screenings!

We aren’t trying to be a film news site — we love to share valuable information on amazing screenings and events, and we’d like to post about some of our favorite things on the Internets, too!

Disclaimer: The latest screening information information will updated as often as possible every day. Times/locations/prices/etc. are subject to change. Surprise, last-minute information will always be added when available. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners.

Our ultimate goal is to host and sponsor free (or extremely cheap) screenings, events, exhibits… ALL THE TIME AT OUR FAVORITE THEATRES!

We are a growing non-profit organization with a small team to boot. We’ll be coming to a neighborhood or a friend’s backyard near you so please send us your suggestions with your screening requests! We want to meet you all out there. I’m sure we have all crossed paths at some point and now it’s time to connect and let this film community flourish.

We live in the best city in the world for entertainment, so take advantage of it. These theatres obviously do and we know we love attending them. We urge you to join all mailing lists, keep checking calendars, and follow everyone on Facebook and Twitter! All theaters & video stores are listed here.

There are so many great events always happening here in LA so what are you waiting for? Pick a movie and make some plans.

Take care, Cinephiles!

❤ Movies in LA!


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