Pick for 1.23.12 – “Vivre Sa Vie” & “Film Socialisme”

Why must one always talk? Often one shouldn’t talk, but live in silence.


The Cinefamily Presents VIVRE SA VIE & FILM SOCIALISME
Ratings: Unrated (Both Films) | Runtimes: 80 & 102 Minutes | Years: 1962 & 2010 | Trailers: Vivre / Socialisme

Monday, January 23rd, 2012 | 7:45 PM
Part of Godard in the ’60s!

Screenings of FILM SOCIALISME are presented with Full English subtitles (for the first time ever in the U.S.!), rather than previous international screenings’ Navajo English subtitles.

The Cinefamily (AKA the Silent Movie Theatre)
611 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Parking Tips: Street, Parking Lot Across the Street at Fairfax High School


General: $10.00 + $1.34 Surcharge (Online) | Member: Free


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