Pick for 9/21/11 – “Inside Job” & “Casino Jack and the United States of Money”

Why should a financial engineer be paid four times to 100 times more than a real engineer? A real engineer build bridges. A financial engineer build dreams. And, you know, when those dreams turn out to be nightmares, other people pay for it.

-Andrew Sheng

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Presents INSIDE JOB & CASINO JACK AND THE UNITED STATES OF MONEY
Ratings: PG-13 & R | Runtimes: 120 & 118 Minutes | Years: 2010 (Both Films) | Trailers: Inside / Casino

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 | Doors: 6:00 PM | Films: 7:00 PM

Linwood Dunn Theater
1313 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Parking Tips: Free Parking Lot (Enter on Fountain or Homewood)



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