Pick for 6/21/11 – “Page One: Inside the New York Times”

My process is very low-fi in a way, meaning that I shoot all by myself with a shotgun mic on my camera and a radio mic on the subject. I don’t have any people with lights. There’s no field producers watching us. It’s just me and the subject. Typically what I do is there are several days of shooting in which nothing is happening but people are getting used to me being in their shadow and that’s great, because then when things really do perk up or flare up, there’s a comfort level that’s already been established.

-Andrew Rossi

Rating: R | Runtime: 88 Minutes | Year: 2011 | Trailer: Page

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 | 7:00 PM
Q&A with Andrew Rossi hosted by award-winning film critic Pete Hammond immediately following the screening.

Aero Theatre
1328 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Parking Tips: Street


Current KCET Members: $168 per person (For Entire Series)
Non-members: $185 per person (For Entire Series)
Each Film (If Available): $20

Tickets sell out quickly. For reservations and to charge your reservation by phone, call 323.953.5800

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