Celebrating Cinema in Los Angeles: Film Festivals Galore


Film Festival season is certainly going strong and we are happy to add a new feature to the site! Our Screenings Calendar will still focus on the special screenings in LA outside of film festivals, but we will be updating links to websites of as many Film Festivals we can find out about in LA!

Thanks to the amazing Matt Holzman of KCRW‘s Matt’s Movies (please also check out this awesome Valentine’s Day write-up he posted), we have a fantastic list to start with.

Click here to check out the Film Festivals List!

As always, your tips & comments are very much appreciated. Please contact us for any and everything. We love hearing from you, and we have some giveaways lined up!

You Never Have to Explain Yourself But…

Happy March, Friends!

I’ve been working as a Post Production Assistant on Chelsea Handler‘s AFTER LATELY. The gig ends on 3.29 and it has been an interesting ride. I LOVE Chelsea and she gives her cast & crew wonderful respect.

I have been feeling guilty that I don’t have the time or energy to scour the Internets for hours to update our Screenings Calendar as often as possible. I use every free second and every ounce of energy I have, and I love it, but it’s still a very big job.

I don’t add Film Festival listings (though I wish I could and I might in the near future), but I aim to include all the repertory and free screenings that I can.

I do add some preview screenings (I suggest you sign up for these respective outlets: The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, Indie Focus, UCLA, USC) but not ALL of them — not the ones from those dudes who stand outside of colleges and theaters trying to ask you if you like this and that movie and you pretty much see a rough cut of the film. That’s not always the case, and it’s not always a bad thing, but there are too many of those to post, and they’re typically movies you’ll come to know from giant billboards.

I emphasize first run films with Q&As and special advance screenings, but Movies in Los Angeles are truly abundant and you’ll never go a day without options for a great screening on the Silver Screen. LA culture is booming and it is beautiful. Take advantage of all events in town. The LA Times, KCRW, The Scenestar and Amoeba Music’s Twitter are great resources for news & culture. ;]

I was hoping to have my groove back with the site by last Friday, March 1st, but we have a few more episodes of AFTER LATELY to deliver and I have committed my time & work to Chelsea until the end of March.

Once we wrap, I will be knee-deep in Post Production for Diego Miranda‘s ALEX AND HADLEY and Ama Lea‘s RED RED in April. I’ll have more time to devote to Movies in LA, but being a Mom and making movies is my priority.

The reason I am divulging my life to y’all is because Movies in LA has become a permanent part of it. This site and the concept of seeing movies on the Silver Screen every day was a dream I had in October of 2010 in hopes of encouraging my friends and everyone in LA to actually SEE movies. I have celebrated incredible moments and people because of this website. I absolutely love each and every one of you.

I am going to put this out there: If there is anyone who is willing to start a sponsorship or partnership with me to have the best Screenings Calendar for Movies in LA, I would be ecstatic. I have many ideas that have yet to be executed, and I can’t wait for the right time to share everything with you all.

Thank you so much for reading this, and please feel free to reach out anytime.

(818) 983-6024
jadeluber at gmail dot com
moviesinla at gmail dot com

“I dream of you.”


We’ve been extremely anxious to show you images from Ama Lea‘s RED RED, and now a trailer is here!

Jade, Andrea Albin (Fatality Films) & Joanna Shirley (ADA Management) had big parts in getting Ama’s beautiful vision come to life in her hometown of Bucksport, Maine. Jade and Diego Madrigal (Director of Photography) drove across the country to deliver this giallo with an incredible team who worked their asses off.

Thank you to every single soul who gave us a week (and more) of their lives for this wonderful experience. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the world that Ama has created.

Dream in RED RED…


After a highly publicized fundraising campaign and late summer shooting schedule, director Ama Lea and her team, including producer Jade Luber of Movies in LA, have finalized the trailer for the soon-to-be released short, RED RED.

RED RED is a sexually charged thriller that follows a young woman named Julia as she begins her journey into sexual exploration while trying to repress dark nightmares seemingly from her childhood.

Somewhere in this dark fairy tale her nightmares come to life and her lovers are being stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant in bloody, unfathomable ways.

The film is mirrored after the giallo-style films of directors such as Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava. The short is a second endeavor for the director, who is widely known for THE BLOODY BEST PROJECT, a pictorial representation of the horror genre.

Fatality Films, alongside Movies in LA, is pleased to present the film under their banner, which is in pre-production on several features and projects with producers Scott Spiegel and Andrea Albin at the helm.

iPads at ArcLight for THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: The Beginning of Second Screens vs. The Silver Screens

It’s not very surprising that ArcLight Cinemas has decided to team up with SeeItFirst to host an event series called “Second Screen Live!” Sherman Oaks and Pasadena, you have a chance to witness the general public playing with their iPADS WHILE THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is playing! Seats are limited, so act now!

Are you fucking kidding me? People who respect cinema to any extent should be horrified at the concept of cell phones being allowed in theatres, but fucking iPads!? To make it worse, they invite you to win prizes and “play” against other “fans” in the audience. This is ridiculous. Are the lyrics, as the damn red ball bounces, going to fucking follow along on my iPad to tell me where we are in the film? Fuck you, anyone who wants to play, let alone text, during one of the greatest animated feats on celluloid ever made!

The screenings happen on 10.22 and 10.24. Since it is free, I’m sure this is the beginning of their experimentation, but once this shit starts happening, it’s gonna fucking get worse. Imagine House 5 at ArcLight Cinemas Sherman Oaks fully packed with families, kids, people with iPads: NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, INDEED.

Let’s go on the path of SAVING the cinematic experience with people. Last night, I experienced one of my favorite audiences and double features at the New Beverly: PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE & THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Unfortunately, within most first-run cinematic experiences, we won’t always garner the best mix of an audience. However, when everyone gives their attention to the world and story unfolding in front of their eyes, they will remember why watching people and pictures move via a series of light and magic, Cinema Prevails.

Support Independence, and Support your Local Cinemas — cell phone AND iPad-Free. Thank you!

Hello, Wonderful Friends!

THANK YOU for checkin’ us out.

We shall explain a coupla things.

Jade LOVES movies. Fucking LOVES. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

One night, Jade had a dream to open a 24 hour movie theatre. Feasible? Perhaps. Too porn-y? Perhaps.

Realistically, she aimed to visit all the incredible theatres around LA that showcased her first love, Film.

In 2010, through 2011, Movies in LA was started, and since then, we have been picking and highlighting amazing film screenings around LA. There are so many incredible events ALL THE TIME, we haven’t even been to all of the theatres!

You can assume that every “Pick of the Day” / “POTD” / “#POTD” are films we would theoretically, hopefully be attending. Sometimes it’s like picking children, but luckily, everyone is truly equally amazing.

There are a few sections above. Your clicking on ‘About‘ probably means you were kinda curious about what we do, so welcome, and THANK YOU!

Your support keeps us going! Seriously, we love you. As long as you keep coming back, we’ll stay updated. We are film lovers, too!

Jade just wants to make and watch movies forever. Forever, and ever, and ever. She feels better about movies than she does about humanity. No matter how bad films are, usually, there’s a little heart in ALL of ‘em.


This is our master calendar of happenings in Los Angeles. That is, cinematic happenings; celluloid (most of the time; read here via the incredible Julia Marchese) projecting onto people’s gleeful, horrified, excited, aroused, bored, happy, fucking fantastic faces every day.

Movie Tally is our movie tally inspired by Schofizzy’s TallyTeers.

Next year, Jade dreams to travel the world to as many cinemas as she possibly can. More details will unfold as 2012 carries on.

Word contains posts & videos from various contributors and posts about Movies in LA. We must highlight the first video interview we did with the fantastic David Robert Mitchell, including his Favorite Films & Filmmakers. The lovely Amanda Bauer also answered a few of our questions.

This is Movies in LA. We are so grateful for all of the films that screen in LA every day, most of the time with the people that actually made or are in the films gracing the theatres we love so deeply.

Now that a lot of theatres are closing, converting to digital, 35mm is rarely being produced, attendance is down, the economy sucks… people don’t realize that our art culture is still thriving and so fucking beautiful and exciting.

We hope that you join us in celebrating and experiencing Movies in Los Angeles.

<3 Jade

Movies in LA: 2011

What a crazy year it has been.

Take a look at the…

We love you all and thank you so much for your support. Here’s to 2012, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned…

Merry New Year, Film Lovers!

‘Merry New Year’ is something that has always stuck with me since the moment I seen TRADING PLACES. I’ve been using it ever since. Come to think of it, there’s a great Christmas movie nobody really thinks about. Aykroyd as wasted, stealing, Santie Clause? You don’t remember him eating that bread he stole, then eating it on the bus through that disgusting Santa beard? Classic. Vivid. Then he tried to kill himself.

Probably not a film for a young lad as I was back in the mid 80’s but I got to walk to a video store everyday and get whatever I wanted. Simple Ohio.

20 plus years later… not too much has changed but my location, Los Angeles, California. It seemed like the only destination for an obsessed film nerd like me. It also seems that there are others that had the same feeling and have migrated here as well. 8 years later, here I still am, and I’m not leaving. That’s a big choice, a big decision, but when it’s the only place you feel comfortable, embrace it.

What I’m saying is, we LOVE you Los Angeles, and all of the passionate film hearts inside of you! This is the best place to be in America for the love of cinema, film and repertory programming!

Thank you New Beverly Cinema.
Thank you American Cinematheque.
Thank you Niche.LA.
Thank you KCRW.
Thank you Los Angeles Public Libraries.
Thank you to The Academy.
Thank you Alex Theatre.
Thank You ArcLight Cinemas.
Thank you Art Theatre of Long Beach.
Thank you Bay Theatre.
Thank you Bigfoot Crest.
Thank you BleedFest.
Thank you Cinefamily.
Thank you Cinespia.
Thank you Devil’s Night Drive-In.
Thank you Downtown Independent.
Thank you Echo Park Film Center.
Thank you El Capitan.
Thank you Filmforum.
Thank you Goethe-Institut.
Thank you Hammer Museum.
Thank you HM 157.
Thank you Hollywood Heritage.
Thank you Horrible Movie Night.
Thank you to The J. Paul Getty Museum.
Thank you Japanese American National Museum.
Thank you Korean Cultural Center.
Thank you Laemmle Theatres.
Thank you LACMA.
Thank you Lomography.
Thank you Long Beach Cinematheque.
Thank you Mary Pickford Institute.
Thank you Million Dollar Theater.
Thank you Nuart Theatre.
Thank you Old Bank DVD.
Thank you Old Town Music Hall.
Thank you Outdoor Cinema Food Fest.
Thank you Pacific Asia Museum.
Thank you Pacific Vineland Drive-In.
Thank you Roy and Edna Disney and CalArts Theater.
Thank you Reel Grit.
Thank you Regency Theatres.
Thank you Skirball Cultural Center.
Thank you Kevin Smith & Smodcastle.
Thank you Space 15 Twenty.
Thank you Stephen Farber.
Thank you UCLA.
Thank you USC.
Thank you to Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.
Thank you Valley Cultural Center.
Thank you Vidiots.
Thank you Vista Theatre.
Thank you Warner Grand Theatre.

Thank you Los Angeles! it’s been a GREAT year for cinema!

Enjoy your holidays everyone, and of course… THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Speaking of support: We’re still trying to get to 10,000 signatures by the New Year! Join our favorite Julia Marchese in her FIGHT FOR 35MM! We highly urge you all to sign it. Digital does not rule all, we need film just like we need water. If that wasn’t true then Martin Scorsese wouldn’t be the head of film preservation.

Don’t forget to sign the petition and of course, have a Merry New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving, Film Geeks!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Any film geeks out there have movie traditions on this day or leading up to it? PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES is always one that I throw on. In recent years it’s been CADDYSHACK in the afternoon, followed by PLANES after dinner. Yeah, that’s we’re I’m at. Family traditions?! Nope. Film traditions. This also means that NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION is right around the corner!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! As always, you’re greatly appreciated! Speaking of support: New Beverly’s own Julia Marchese is looking for some for support with her FIGHT FOR 35MM Petition. We highly urge you all to sign it. I know we have! It’s almost halfway there, so please help spread the word and encourage others to sign, as well. Digital does not rule all, we need film just like we need water. If that wasn’t true then Martin Scorsese wouldn’t be the head of film preservation. FACTS.

Thank you all, don’t forget to sign it and of course, have a Happy Holiday!